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Ages 3+

The SSD provides top quality learning of Ukrainian Dance and Culture with basic vocabulary for our dancers from tiny tots to young at heart more mature adults and from recreational to Semi Professional. Our Instructors are Top notch and are much in demand. With Mr. Serhij Koroliuk, the Artistic Director of the Pavlychenko Folkorique Ensemble and advisor to the SSD, we are always guaranteed authentic, well researched and yet very creative works. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Adult Ukrainian - PFO


For those of us who have had children and life (few decades or more) who just want a weekly work out, a lot of fun, sweat, and camaraderie (and probably a visit to the bar(re) afterwards to replenish the soul)... PS. Tim Tkachuk is our fearless class captain under Pan Serhij.

Adult Ukrainian - Woulda Coulda Shoulda


For those of you who stopped as teenagers for whatever reasons and regret it, now's your chance to get back into it!

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