2021 COVID 19 Restriction Guidelines

Welcome back to the new world of dance!

The health & safety of your child and our staff is of the utmost importance. These guidelines have been placed as of August 2020, updated December 2020 and may change as the Sask. Govt. plan continues to evolve. We want our dance studio to continue to be a safe, caring environment for your child. 


What we are doing: 

  • Lobbies will be closed. A greeter will meet your child at the rear Special Olympics single door and guide them to their respective studio. 

  • Classes have been limited to a maximum of 8 children in large studios. Some classes have been split, classes for dancers 19 and over have move to a virtual platform.

  • Students will exit through the double front doors to the street (not the back).  A senior student will help to facilitate this process. Please wait outside the front doors to pick up your child and stay socially distanced.

  • All entrants into the building and Greeters will be wearing a mask. Instructors and students will wear a mask at all times. Hands on corrections will be kept to the very minimum. If an instructor does need to approach a child he/she will wear their mask and hand sanitize. 

  • All classes will allow for cleaning protocols to take place in between each class. This includes: cleaning the barres, doorknobs, light switches and the teacher’s work station. 

  • Each studio will have squares taped out on the floor. Dancers will stay in their square for any centre floor work we do in class. We may use the ballet barres (distancing 9 feet apart). No contact, no props. Students will have a designated space for their dance bag in the studio.

  • Pre-school classes: We are turning our downstairs change rooms/hallway into “holding areas” during class for one parent of each Pre-school or Pre-Primary student. Chairs will be spread out 6 feet apart around the rooms/hallways.  When it is time to change shoes or if a student needs a potty break we will have our class assistant come to get you. Parents will assist and then head back to their “holding space”. This will be your time to relax but you can have peace of mind that you are in the building and just a few steps away during these unprecedented times. We will ask one parent/student to stay for the duration of the class (optional).  

  • If a child comes to class and is exhibiting symptoms of illness that are concerning, the child be taken to a more safe and secluded section of the dance studio while they wait for their parent to pick them up. The parent will be contacted. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up around the building. Upon entering the building each dancer will be asked to use hand sanitizer. 

  • The microwave and water sink are unavailable for student use at this time. 

  • Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer our children reading or colouring materials or allow them to wait in our office. Sorry ;(

  • Our washrooms will be cleaned often. 


What we need you to do: 

  • Watch your child for any symptoms of illness. Symptoms such as fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, cough and any other symptoms should be disclosed to the office and your child should not attend that day.

  • If your child or someone in your immediate family has been exposed to someone with Covid-19 please self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days and refrain from attending class.

  • Please bring your child 5 minutes prior to class starting.

  • Please have your child come in a mask and dressed in their dance clothes underneath their street clothes.  Bring a bag to put shoes etc. in and we will designate individual spaces for each child’s belongings. In winter children will have to carry boots and place on provided boot racks.

  • Please have your child’s hair pulled back in a neat bun for Ballet class. And a ponytail or bun for other classes. 

  • Snacks for long nights should be contained and easy to eat. Use of our plates, utensils or the microwave are not possible at this time. We are a nut free facility. Please remind your child, no sharing of snacks.

  • Dancers should wear a mask at all times. 

  • Bring your own water bottle from home, with your child’s name on the bottle.

  • Please have your child go to the bathroom at home before coming to class 


Thank you Everyone! 


Wash your hands, use your masks and stay safe.

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